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ProfiTrace Training


This training is concentrated on the number 1 troubleshooting tool for PROFIBUS networks. You will learn how to use the powerful features to identify errors, speed up maintenance, accelerate commissioning and optimize network performance.


Become a master of the most popular PROFIBUS Tool

In a 0,5 day the participants will learn how to use ProfiTrace in order to analyse, localise and solve PROFIBUS faults. With a hands-on approach the participants will put theory into practice.

Practical exercises


Message recording

Signal analysis


Target audience

This workshop is intended for everybody who is working with ProfiTrace or who has to make a decision for purchase. For example:


Theory Topics

  • Structure of the ProfiTrace software
  • Structure of the ProfiCore™ Ultra and PA Probe
  • Contents of the Troubleshooting Toolkits
  • Software installation procedure and upgrades
  • License structure
  • Connecting the ProfiCore to a DP and PA network
  • Live List (colours, ident numbers, names)
  • The definition of statistics (retries, syncs, lost, etc.)
  • Measurement principle of the Bar graph and the Topology scan
  • DP and PA oscilloscope (termination problems, short circuits, noise, AC/DC)
  • Network manager

High quality custom training

"High quality products and services. People at PROCENTEC are very involved with the company and their products. They think with you in all kinds of situations. We are very happy with the custom training PROCENTEC provides for us!"

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Trainer: Fedor Meyer NLD, ENG

Trainer: Fedor Meyer

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Other Information

Practical information

The participants will receive login information by email.

The online training can be recorded for online video’s. All questions asked during the training course will be deleted afterwards.

This training is to explain the functionality of our product. In case of any other expectation, please contact us.