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ComBricks Training


This training is focused on the number 1 permanent monitoring tool for PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks. You will learn how to use the powerful features to identify errors, speed up maintenance, accelerate commissioning and optimize network performance.


Become a master of the most popular 24/7 monitoring tool

In just two hours the participants will learn how to use the ComBricks in order to analyse, localise and solve network faults. With a hands-on approach the participants will put theory into practice.

Practical exercises


Message recording

Signal analysis

Target audience

This workshop is intended for everybody who is working with ComBricks or who has to make a decision for purchase. For example:


Theory Topics

  • Structure of the user interface
  • Structure of the ComBricks hardware
  • Difference between multiple ComBricks modules
  • Firmware upgrades
  • License structure
  • Connecting the ComBricks to a network
  • Live List (colors, ident numbers, names)
  • The definition of statistics (retries, syncs, lost, etc.)

Ready knowledge to solve independent faults

Because we have a duty to deliver, we can not afford to depend on third parties relating to maintenance and troubleshooting. Thanks to the training "PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Maintenance" we now have ready knowledge and we can independently prevent and rectify errors.

Jeroen Wesselink - Dunea

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Trainer: Fedor Meyer NLD, ENG

Trainer: Fedor Meyer

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Other Information

Practical information

The participants will receive login information by email.

The online training can be recorded for online video’s. All questions asked during the training course will be deleted afterwards.

This training is to explain the functionality of our product. In case of any other expectation, please contact us.