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Software & Firmware

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Atlas V1.1.64 (203 MB)

ComBricks - Head Station Firmware

Firmware Update Tool V1.9 (349 kB)
Head Station Firmware V1.300 (3 MB)
Head Station Language Pack V1.300 (425 kB)

ComBricks - Module Firmware

Alternative Cable Repeater (SALT) V1.15 (455 kB)
FOUNDATION Fieldbus Diagnostics Module V1.0.1 (140 kB)
ComBricks Submodule Update Tool V1.16 (556 KB)
PROFIBUS RS485-IS Module V1.15 (455 kB)
SCOPE Repeater V1.15 (455 kB)
ComBricks PROFIBUS PA Link V3.7.0 (1.161 MB)


Complete CommDTM package V1.2.8 (15 Mb)
DP-V1 CommDTM V1.2.1 (7 Mb)
ComBricks CommDTM V1.2.8 (3 Mb)
PCD driver V1.1.6 (5 Mb)

ComBricks - Other downloads

Network Condition Indicator V1.4.4 (3 Mb)
Discovery Tool V1.4.5 (589 kB)
SALT Repeater and T1-PEPPER Calculation Tool V1.5 (1 Mb)
SD card image V1.300 (38 MB)
MIB file V1.300 (72 kB)
GSD Converter V1.0 (728 kB)

Netilities tools

Netilities V1.5.7 (15.0 Mb)
ProfiTap V5.0.4 (62.5 Mb)

ProfiCaptain 1.x Software

BETA version 1.0.51 (5 Mb)
Standard version 1.0 (7.1 Mb)
ProfiCaptain EDU version 1.1 (5.0 Mb)

ProfiPulse Software

Standard version 1.03 (4.5 Mb)

ProfiScript Software

Upgrade files V2.1.10 for ProfiCore 1 (2 Mb)
Standard V2.1.4 for ProfiCore 1 (6.6 Mb)
Demo V2.0.0 for ProfiCore 1 (3.3 Mb)
Standard version 1.5 for Siemens cards (16 Mb)
Demo version 1.0 for Siemens cards (9 Mb)

ProfiSwitch X5

ProfiSwitch V3.8.0 (2,5 MB)

ProfiTrace 1.x - Software

ProfiTrace standard version 1.6.2 (40 Mb)
ProfiTrace EDU version 1.7 (8.0 Mb)

ProfiTrace 2 - Software

ProfiTrace V2.9.7 (93 Mb)
ProfiTrace V2.9.6

ProfiTrace - Other Downloads

Diagnostic Slave ProfiTrace plugin V1.0

SPC3 application example

Firmware example (10 kb)

VPC3+ DP-V0 complete firmware stack

VPC3+ DP-V0 complete firmware stack

VPSwitch Go

VPSwitch Go V1.0.8 Lite Managed
VPSwitch Go V1.0.8 Full Managed
VPSwitch Go V1.0.8 Security