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Product Certification

We are an accredited PROFIBUS/PROFINET RT Test Laboratory. In our laboratory vendors can have their products tested and certified according to the PI guidelines. Based upon the positive test reports from the laboratory, PROFIBUS International issues certificates for the tested devices. Over the years we have certfied more than 200 devices.

Certified PROFIBUS products

A PROFIBUS certificate is more than a marketing argument for the manufacturer: It stands for the quality of a product. Many end-users only use certified products in their plants. Thus, a certificate is often the reason why a certain product is chosen. 

The device requirements and restrictions are described in the PI Test specifications. The test specifications can be downloaded for free for all PI members or obtained from PROFIBUS International.

Full service formula

Full service formula

We have a team of experienced engineers and testers to support the client. We test the device according to standardized test specifications, but also give recommendations and advice about the device on end-user level.

We can also support the client at the start of the development with advise in type of ASIC and with conformance testing. During this phase we will test the common test cases to check if the device will pass the certification process. This can save time and money for clients during the development and finilizing of the device.  

Hardware adjustments and software updates

Sometimes we discover errors in the hardware or software of the device. In those cases we try to solve the error at our location to save precious time for the client. It's our strategy to support the client as much as possible. If an engineer is present during the testing, he has the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of the experts at PROCENTEC.

We have all kinds of components (ASICs, active and passive components) on stock, soldering/de-soldering equipment and specialised personnel who can do hardware adjustments for the client. The necessary equipment is available to update EPROMs or Flash.

5 steps to get a PROFIBUS certificate for your product

5 steps to get a PROFIBUS certificate for your product

PROCENTEC has a 5 step program to get a PROFIBUS certificate for your products. If you want to know how this works please view below page and follow all steps.

5 step program

First things first

We start with the hardware test, because this element is the most critical test procedure. When the hardware is approved, software updates are easy to do. Some clients certify the product on hardware first so that they know the hardware is correct and that they can proceed with the software development, without losing precious time during final certification.

Test sequence

Test Request

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