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Quick troubleshooting.

Full service formula

Full service formula

Our support service can give you quick online support to avoid long traveling time. The moment the proper diagnostics tools are present, we can help online. This service enables us to pin point all kinds of issues immediately for you. This way you know what to do to fix issue directly in your system.

Our experts will be happy to get your system up and running together with you as quickly as possible.


We will take care

We can take care of the communication of your industrial network. If you have one of our advanced diagnostics tools, we can carry out analysis of your system. Your system will be up and running in no time, no matter where in the world you happen to be located.


Online support options

1. Speed demanding online Support

Experiencing network issues that need to be resolved as soon as possible? 
Go for the speed demanding service and we will start support online as quick as we can. 

Option 01:  Online support within 48 hours
Option 02: Online support within 5 working days

2. Contact moments to check measurements and answer questions (on availability)

It’s important to keep on tracking the status of your network. During the year you can measure your network and with any doubts about the result, you can forward the information to us so we can help you out. 

Option 03: 1 contact for online support per year

Option 04:  5 contacts for online support per year
(including urgent support: travelling within 5 working days)
Option 05: 10 contacts for online support per year
(including urgent support: travelling within 48 hours)

Additional information

Your benefits

Your benefits   Supported networks
Quick response time   PROFIBUS
No traveling costs   PROFINET
No traveling time   EtherNet/IP
Your installation up and running as quick as possible   EtherCAT

For a service request, download the service request form and upload this in our HMS Portal 
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