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Network Certification

The third eye on your installation

Your production process has been fully installed and is ready for operation. But how do you know the choices you or the installer have made are correct while installing or reinstalling your system? Will your entire system work without problems once it has been start-up? Having your network certified by PROCENTEC's qualified engineers will reassure that your network is at the correct level of quality.

We carry out an in-depth audit to establish whether your system complies with all the installation guidelines, so you can be sure that your system functions properly before everything is in operation.

Certify your network to minimise downtime

Elmer Vis - Head of Support PROCENTEC

Network Testing 

One of our engineers will carry out a detailed inspection on your entire network during certification. Your documentation as well as your system will be carefully checked, and our engineers will use established procedures and checklists to make sure that your network complies with all the installation guidelines.

After the testing phase, we give you specific recommendations on how to improve the quality of your network. This way your network will be in top condition and we will give you a three-year certificate that proves that your system functions properly. Within the three-year certification period we offer free support when breakdowns related to our certification occur.

Available fieldbusses

Your benefits

  • Reduces downtime and high costs
  • Reliable and expert advice during the design phase
  • Your network is certified for 3 years
  • Free technical support during the certification period
  • Validation carried out by our experts
  • Detailed test report with specific recommendations

Test aspects

  • Cabling rules
  • Terminating resistors
  • Signal quality and noise levels
  • Protocol quality
  • Busparameters
  • Cycle time and watchdog
  • Power supplies
  • Current consumption per segment (PA)
  • Voltage level per segment (PA)
  • Voltage level on the last instrument (PA)

Detailed test report

The results of the certification are written down in a detailed test report. Procentec has been doing installation audits for many years now. This activity has boosted the success rate for lots of projects. 

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