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PROFIBUS is a 2-wire industrial data communication standard (fieldbus) that allows components such as sensors, actuators and controllers to exchange process values and achieve the automation of a complete process. It is the most commonly used fieldbus with more than 50 million installed devices.

It has been standardized as IEC 61158 and is available worldwide. PROFIBUS is widely used in the industrial automation business. Thousands of different products offered by hundreds of suppliers provide a solid foundation to utilize PROFIBUS for every automation application.

PROFIBUS DP delivers high speed data transfer and low installation costs. It is designated as the standard PROFIBUS for the automation of production. PROFIBUS PA is designed for process automation to replace 4-20 mA and HART applications. Data and power are modulated on both wires and it offers an option for intrinsic safe applications.

See below the PROFIBUS product categories ComBricks, ProfiHub, ProfiTrace and Gateways with which you can monitor, connect and analyze your PROFIBUS network. See which products are the best fit for your industrial network.

PROFIBUS overview

  • Mercury


    Mobile, multi-protocol diagnostics for all environments

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  • ComBricks - Monitoring, Networking & Control

    ComBricks - Monitoring, Networking & Control

    Monitoring, Networking and Control

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  • ProfiTrace - Mobile PROFIBUS Combi-Analyzer

    ProfiTrace - Mobile PROFIBUS Combi-Analyzer

    Mobile PROFIBUS Combi-Analyzer

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  • ProfiHub / ProfiSwitch - Multichannel PROFIBUS repeaters

    ProfiHub / ProfiSwitch - Multichannel PROFIBUS repeaters

    Mulit-Channel PROFIBUS-repeaters

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Additional products

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