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Osiris as a software - PROFINET and Ethernet/IP diagnostics without hardware

Osiris as a software - PROFINET and Ethernet/IP diagnostics without hardware

PROCENTEC's Osiris provides unique insight in your network’s health and topology. Until now this powerful software tool was only available on PROCENTEC's portable Mercury tablet and permanent Atlas module. Both devices run on diagnostics platform Osiris to analyse the information feed from, for example, an EtherTAP. This enables our build-in assistant Delphi to come up with a solution to help you to quickly and effectively get your operations running again.

  • Individual license dedicated for your Windows PC
  • Monitor PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet networks
  • Commissioning of PROFINET and Ethernet IP
  • Predictive maintenance
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PC-version of Osiris
At the request of many users PROCENTEC now offers a subscription PC-version of Osiris. The features of Osiris as a Software are identical to the ones found on our Atlas and Mercury diagnostic platforms. With our new release we enable you to install Osiris on your very own hardware devices. Osiris offers reliable and smart diagnostics to better streamline the topology of a network.

Smart diagnostics prevent downtime
Implementing a new network? Providing a solid baseline for a network prevents many operational problems down the line when new devices continue to be connected to the network. With Osiris it is possible to preventively detect all kinds of downtime boosters like EMC issues caused by faulty shielding, communication and power cables positioned too close together, termination troubles, plus complications with device connections and devices.

Preferably PROCENTEC’s powerful diagnostic technology is used for preventive and predictive applications, but the software solution is just as effective in quickly and precisely locating and solving network issues in case of gridlock; preventing staggering downtime costs.

Flexible ease of use
Instead of having to analyse, interpret and formulate a way to solve your network issues yourself, by trying to make sense of all the messages, PROCENTEC offers a virtual network engineer with the included Delphi wizard that does all that in a fraction of the time. With Osiris you can realise 24/7 monitoring with total accuracy.

You now have the flexibility to deploy Osiris on your PC, laptop, and server or to make use of our Osiris diagnostics platform on our Mercury and Atlas devices for advanced active monitoring of your network. In this set-up PROCENTEC also offers passive monitoring for any Ethernet or PROFINET network featuring another 2019 release: the PROCENTEC EtherTAP. The advantages are multiple.

Technology to create the future

No matter which option you select to put Osiris to work, PROCENTEC always guarantees an effective set-up to monitor network load, detect CRC errors, capture PROFINET alarms, check communication cycle times, notice dropped packets and measure the jitter in the PROFINET real-time communication.

In the end it all boils down to our strong commitment and focus on innovation in industrial automation to help manufacturers improve quality, efficiency, compliance, flexibility and use, so they can perform at the leading edge of their industry.

Technical specifications

Osiris Software: System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 - 7xxx or better
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • LAN: 100Mbs or better
  • USB: Optional 1x USB 3.0 (mandatory with EtherTAP) and/or Optional 1x USB 2.0 (mandatory for PROFIBUS measurements)
  • Storage: 25GB of free space or more (SSD optional but recommended)
  • Browser: Chrome, Version 46 or higher
  • CPU Hardware Virtualization: Enabled

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