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A passive diagnostics solution that can be used around the clock

EtherTAP2 is a monitoring interface that enables the in-depth analysis of PROFINET and EtherNet/IP traffic. Just like its highly popular predecessor, it acts as a bridge between your industrial network and our Osiris diagnostics platform. However, its newly designed housing and improved functionality guarantee the early detection of communication errors and give round-the-clock access to passive diagnostics.

Upgrading the EtherTAP’s housing – which is based on the Atlas2 Plus - has turned our handy plug and play solution into an effective permanent monitoring solution. First, it’s designed to be permanently installed on a DIN rail. It now fits neatly side-by-side your Atlas2 Plus. Second, it improves heat dissipation in the cabinet, reducing the risk of overheating and boosting efficiency.

It’s not all about the housing though. EtherTAP2 may have the same features as the original EtherTAP, but the redesign has resulted in a more powerful CPU, enhancing its overall diagnostic performance. It delivers five types of passive data:

  • Passive diagnostics
  • Cycle time per device
  • Positive and negative message jitter
  • Number of dropped packets
  • Alarm Triggers

Product overview

EtherTAP2 10/100

EtherTAP2 10/100

513-20011A View
EtherTAP2 1G

EtherTAP2 1G

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