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CommDTM for ComBricks
CommDTM - ComBricks

CommDTM for ComBricks

The FREE ComBricks CommDTM offers FDT 1.2 based Plant Asset Management tools a powerful Ethernet to PROFIBUS gateway to access PROFIBUS devices connected behind ComBricks repeater modules.

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The CommDTM for ComBricks enables deployment of ComBricks as a gateway to support any FDT/DTM-based Plant Asset Management system. With the CommDTM, ComBricks can be used as a gateway between Ethernet and PROFIBUS DP (RS485 or fiber optic) as well as a gateway between Ethernet and PROFIBUS PA. This eliminates the need for an extra DP/PA coupler or -link for accessing PROFIBUS PA devices.


The ComBricks DP-V1 (class 2) masters can control up to two PROFIBUS networks simultaneously. These networks may be distributed over several repeater modules, so that the system can also be used modularly with the CommDTM. The management of the PROFIBUS networks can be done by a maximum of two different PC-connections, allowing the use of a mobile FDT/DTM-tool in addition to a permanent Plant Asset Management system to gain access to the PROFIBUS network.


The CommDTM provides the same capabilities for automatic baud rate detection as ProfiCaptain; all bus parameters are automatically detected before going online. A free master address is also proposed. In addition, all ComBricks features such as the integrated ProfiTrace-bus monitor and oscilloscope, can be used concurrently with the CommDTM. These functions can be opened via the CommDTM, enabling display of diagnostic information of instrumentation, actuators and the field bus from a single (FDT-based) environment.

Technical specifications


  • Up to 2 simultaneously active DP-V1 masters per ComBricks
  • Up to 2 PC connections per ComBricks
  • Pass-through for all repeater modules
  • Runs simultaneously with ProfiTrace and oscilloscope


  • Baudrates from 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps
  • Autodetection of bus parameters (Tslot, Tsdr, Tset, etc.)
  • Suggested DP-V1 master address
  • Automatic bus scan
  • Set slave address

Supported FDT frame applications

  • PACTware - V3.6, V4.0, V4.1
  • FieldCare - V2.07, V2.08, V2.09, V2.10

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 7 - 32/64 bit
  • Windows XP - 32/64 bit


  • Requires ComBricks head station firmware V1.261 or newer

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