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PROFIBUS has two variants: PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA. The PROFIBUS DP is one of the 2 variants that is used most frequently. For this reason it is regarded by many experts as the standard PROFIBUS.

Your advantage with PROFIBUS DP:

Turn-key networking solution

The application area of PROFIBUS DP (Decentralized Periphery) is the complete production automation whereby high data speed, low connection costs and plug-and-play are central. The applications within production automation are usually realized by creating a network made up of remote I/O, frequency converters, sensors and actuators. If power supply and cabling are not issues, then reliable installations can easily be realized in this environment. 

Because PROFIBUS is so versatile, it serves as an ideal solution for automation challenges. Other bus systems only work in limited application areas which means the user is forced to apply a second technology to accommodate it.

Furthermore, PROFIBUS DP is standardized under IEC 61158, which guarantees compatibility with devices from various manufacturers.

How fast is PROFIBUS DP?

The user can select transmission speeds between 9.6 kbps and 12 Mbps. These are configured in the master. Because the master processes slaves cyclically by writing the outputs of the device with a command and reading the inputs sent back, the cycle is highly optimal and constant.

Saving on cabling and installation costs

PROFIBUS is essentially a data communication system that allows a relatively large number of components to share a two-core copper cable (bus system). This saves enormously in cabling and installation costs compared to conventional non-digital systems. The optimal cable offers even more advantages such as:


PROFIBUS DP shares the market with Ethernet protocols that have also found their way in the world of production automation. The growth of PROFIBUS DP is unrelenting. In the long term, the purchasing of devices will be based primarily on maintenance. Network components and diagnostic tools will become much more widely used.

Competence Center and Test Lab

Expertise is nevertheless essential to be able to utilize a PROFIBUS installation. This is why PROCENTEC also serves as a PROFIBUS Competence Center that is equipped with all the necessary expertise to carry out projects professionally. We have a number of specialists in-house whose knowledge make us unique in the world of automation. Due to our international recognition, we are contracted regularly for projects all around the world and offer a broad range of services (consultancy, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting).
PROCENTEC also manages 1 out of the 7 test labs for the certification of PROFIBUS products. In our laboratory, manufacturers can test their products for PROFIBUS compatibility. PROFIBUS International in Karlsruhe, Germany provides certificates in the event of a positive test report.

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