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Working at PROCENTEC®

At Procentec, we pride ourselves on our people, and accordingly, are always looking for new talented individuals to join us on our adventures.  Of course, professional qualifications count, but more importantly, we want smart people that share our passion for Industrial Engineering.

In-depth industry knowledge combined with unlimited imagination defines our ethos at Procentec, and we like our workforce to reflect this. So, whether you're a seasoned professional who enjoys a challenge, an ambitious graduate looking to shake-up the world, or possibly somewhere in the middle - we would like to meet you. At present, we have roles available that range from sales to engineering.

The scope of work at Procentec is diverse. Some of our products, such as ProfiTrace and ComBricks, are amongst some of the most recognised solutions on the market today. Our training facility has certified engineers across the globe, ensuring networks are built and maintained to the highest standards possible. In the field, Procentec has established itself as a leading consultancy on PROFIBUS and PROFINET projects worldwide, advising across the board on architecture, engineering, training and commissioning.

At Procentec, it's essential we remain an exciting and inspirational place to work and build on an infectious culture bonded by our shared values and a love of technology. Our goal is to be a company that aspires people to join and then inspires them to stay. 

It's not all hard work….

We believe that the key to a good work ethic is a healthy mind and body. As part of our busy modern lives, we all have pressures both at work and at home. At Procentec, we recognise this and believe by offering our employees the chance to be both fit and fed at work, we can go some way towards them having the right mindset to meet the day head-on.

We work tirelessly, behind the scenes, to bring about the balance between a productive place to work and a genuinely pleasant place to be.  

Nowhere is this more apparent than at our daily lunch, with hot and cold meals prepared by our in-house kitchen. Top of the menu is health, ensuring an abundance of wholesome and nutritious foods are available to all.  At this table, everyone is equal, and we consider that an essential part of our working day. It's a time when employees and management leave their titles at the door. A time to relax, to bond, share lively conversation, offset problems and build friendships. 

Now we have that body well fed, there's an opportunity to get it a little fitter. On-site, we have a fully equipped gym available for people to use 24/7. We even have a personal trainer to offer any instruction and advice on diet and fitness should an employee ask. Every Monday, we send a company-wide challenge to an outdoor boot camp in the carpark, which more often than not proves to be fierce, competitive but above all, fun. Join in!   



So, if you want to be part of our team. Check out our vacancies. We can't make you join, but if you do, you won't regret it!  


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